25 Sep: 17th ESCD Annual Meeting started today!

For the first time in the ESCD history, we have organized an Annual Meeting virtually. The Esthetic Moments, #17 ESCD Annual Meeting started today! During two days you will be able to watch online fantastic speakers in two Halls, live Q&A sessions, live TV studio, to enter 3D dental exhibition area… Don’t miss to join us

ESCD Dental Tribune interview

11 May: ESCD urges: It’s time to reopen dental clinics!

The #ESCD has been documenting the impact that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has had on dentistry, and Dr Lazarescu, President of ESCD in his interview for Dental Tribune says that dentists have an ethical obligation to resume treating their patients, as well as a personal obligation to keep their dental practices afloat.