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18 Feb: 13-15 Oct 2022, ROME

We are happy to announce the 18th ESCD Annual Meeting, that would be held on Sept 17-18, 2021 in a beautiful sunny Athens! Get ready to experience remarkable moments, camaraderie, legendary ESCD atmosphere, to share and absorb knowledge, insight and inspiration from the best aesthetic dentistry speakers and experts over the globe! Register online at
Esthetic Moments

20 Jul: ESCD Annual Meeting shifts online, join us!

Even in this difficult time we are facing, ESCD is reinventing itself by organizing one of the most complex digital congress made so far and offering to the participants: 2 days running live sessions on 2 main podiums, Q&A session, live moderators, live interviews with speakers and people from the industry and last but not least a 3D exhibition with direct access with the companies.