Past ESCD Meetings

16th ESCD Annual Meeting

Esthetic Connections

19-21 Sept 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia

Esthetic Conections – the ESCD #16 Annual Meeting is over! It was a huge huge success for all of us – speakers, delegates, organisation board. Thank you all for amazing event and many memorable moments!

More than 400 participants from over 30 countries have come to learn from the world-class experts in the field of aesthetic dentistry! An amazing professional community gathered here for 3 days to share ideas, experience, knowledge and friendship! 

You can find best moments of #16ESCD Annual Meeting in our photo Gallery. Check it out to sense and feel the atmosphere and camaraderie…

Still under impressions, we are inviting you to join us next year for our next gathering in Prague, Czech Republic. 1st-3rd October 2020.