Delegates from all over the world will come to St. Petersburg for #16 Annual Congress of the ESCD

«A high level of service in Russia building demand for dental services» – one of the main thesis of the press conference devoted to the 16thAnnual Congress of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry, which will held in St. Petersburg, Russia from September 19-21, 2019. First time in Congress history!

ESCD Congress program includes 2 main parallel sessions, 5 parallel hands-on sessions, more than 35 exhibitors and a video live streaming studio. The most important names in the dentistry field are invited to this great event, top speakers with topics in esthetic dentistry, implantology, periodontics, prosthodontics & CAD/CAM technology.

The General Director of the St. Petersburg Convention Bureau, Andrey Matsarin, expressed confidence that the 16th ESCD Congress will be held at the highest level and noted that specialists from the St. Petersburg as one of the key international event in dentistry this year in Russia. 

The President of the ESCD Society, Florin Lazarescu, stressed that the first ESCD Congress in Russia will be a great opportunity to expand the competencies of members of the European Society through open dialogue with Russian colleagues.

In St. Petersburg, there are about 6,000 dentists. Most of them are narrow specialists, which is an advantage in the global market for dental services. In addition, St. Petersburg doctors are the first in Russia to introduce the latest medical technologies of 3D modeling and printing into their practice and, without loss of quality, conduct a remote examination of patients.

The President of the Dental Association of St. Petersburg and Vice-President of the Dental Association of Russia, Andrey Yaremenko, noted that thanks to the unique competencies of St. Petersburg doctors and a simplified visa regime for foreign citizens arriving in St. Petersburg by sea, the city’s hospitals accept patients from the Baltic countries, from Finland. In addition, the services of St. Petersburg specialists are in demand among citizens of Poland, England and other EU countries, the USA. The number of tourists staying from abroad for dental care is growing annually by 10-20 percent.

The ESCD Annual Congress is the largest event in Europe in the field of dentistry and it is crucial to understand the importance of holding the event in Russia, both from a scientific, educational and commercial point of view.

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