Hello everybody,
my name is Alina Lazar -country chairman of Germany at ESCD, member of Escd and Clear Aligner Inman Aligner trainer of IAS Academy London.

As a person:

I love music, dancing, flying and the sea. And I’d like to show my 2 daughters who are 22 und 10 the whole world.
As a dentist:
My heart beats for the minimally invasive dentistry. My motto is: Don’t touch the enamel!
The concept I use is: Aligner Bleaching Bonding and it is so easy, minimal time und maximum effect
For me is very important to have a good team . We work together, we learn together and we have fun!

I believe in Escd , I believe in cosmetic dentistry and I believe in SOUL OF ESTHETICS… see you in Lisbon

Here you can see one of my cases.
Minimally invasive preparation treatment
Anodontia of maxillary lateral incisors
Anodontia is a genetic or congenital (hereditary) absence of one or several temporary or permanent teeth. The upper lateral incisors are among the teeth that are most often congenitally missing.
The present case report describes the treatment of a 26-year-old female patient with congenital agenesis of the maxillary lateral incisors. The patient also presented with a maxillary midline deviation and inclination of the occlusal plane in the anterior region. She came to me by recommendation from her mother to improve her smile – her mother attended my practice with the same anomaly.
The goal of treatment was to create symmetry between 13 to 23, and to be able to solve this case in a minimally invasive way, preferably with non-prep veneers.
Treatment planning
This stage of the procedure included the following:
1 Orthodontic assessment, diagnosis, model analysis and Archwize™ 3D Models
2 Fabrication of mock-ups and wax-ups
3 ClearSmile Aligner Light ( 4 aligner)
4 Bleaching
5 Crown lengthening
6 Non-prep veneers
7 Retention
After anterior alignment, bleaching crown lengthening, PPR and non-prep veneers finishing treatments, the process was complete – both the patient and the clinical team were very happy with the final results.
Ultimately, incorporating smile design is important to the ethos of my practice. Although finishing with composite contouring or veneers depends on the individual case, the most important element is to work as minimally invasively as the case allows. Indeed, I have found that when the above mentioned steps are carried out in the same way as this particular case, a very satisfying result can be achieved.

Team :

Dr. Alina Lazar ClearSmile Aligner and ClearSmile Inman Aligner Trainer
Chairperson European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry – Germany
Dental Raum 901 MDT Ralf Wahrheit – Specialist in Esthetic Restoration
Orthostrada Laboratory – IAS Academy