Have you registered for the 16th ESCD meeting? Then you can join ESCD dental photo contest 2019!

• Send us 3 of your best photos in ESCD FB page inbox- as private message; 

• The dates: the contest starts on 6.05.2019 and it ends on 1.06.2019. 

• The winner: On the 2. 06 (@00:00 ) all the photos will be published at the same time on the ESCD Facebook page;

• The prizes: whoever gets the most likes until 14. 06.2019 will be rewarded with free participation to the next #ESCD annual meeting-2020.

• The second prize is given @ the president dinner: free attendance to the next year’s social events

• The most important rules: every participant must be registered for #16 ESCD Annual Meeting and can submit max 3 photos to the contest

• Note: Photos can be intraoral, extraoral, profile photos or photo of some detail in dentistry!

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