Upcoming ESCD Meeting

13 Feb 2021, ONLINE

We are starting a new season! Get ready for the first ESCD Study Club this year! ESCD Study Club Ukraine would be held ONLINE on Feb 13 at 13:00 CET! Aleksandr Kozhemiak, the ESCD CC for Ukraine has prepared a special program with live-demo. Join us!

During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn about secrets, tips and tricks, as well as the basic principles of creating beautiful and functional direct anterior restorations. In the second part of the webinar you will get the protocol of contact surfaces reconstruction as a live-demo on the special phantom.

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Participation in this program is FREE
Language: English
February 13th at 13:00 CET

Organizer: ESCD study club Ukraine

Full program
  1. Examination and diagnostics

Get to know the basic rules of diagnostics for obtaining a predictable restoration result

  1. Aesthetic analysis

Get to know the rules for calculating the dentition and the main aesthetic criteria for creating a beautiful and harmonious smile

  1. Layer topography

You will learn what tactics of layering the composite to apply depending on the type of defect

  1. Selection of composite material and its shades for the anterior restorations.
  1. Isolation of anterior teeth

Learn the basic principles of applying a rubber dam in the frontal area to ensure reliable isolation and a dry working field

  1. Making a silicone index

Learn about the different ways to make a silicone index

  1. Adhesive protocol 
  1. How to prevent and avoid gray and white lines during the restoration process
  1. Finishing and polishing
  1. Live video demonstration of creating proximal surfaces

You will see in detail all the nuances of creating a dense contact point of frontal teeth, in HD video quality. And if you still have any questions, you will definitely get all the answers during the livestream. The master-class is based on 20 years of expertise and experience of Alexander Kozhemiak, ESCD CC FOR UKRAINE, who has successfully solved more than 1000+ clinical cases!


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