25 Sep: 17th ESCD Annual Meeting started today!

For the first time in the ESCD history, we have organized an Annual Meeting virtually. The Esthetic Moments, #17 ESCD Annual Meeting started today! During two days you will be able to watch online fantastic speakers in two Halls, live Q&A sessions, live TV studio, to enter 3D dental exhibition area… Don’t miss to join us

ESCD mobile app announcement
19 Sep: ESCD Mobile App available on App Store and Google Play!

The ESCD brings you the smartphone app built for all ESCD members and all dental professionals interested in cosmetic dentistry. Install ESCD mobile app from App Store or Google Play and you’ll get easy access to up-to-date info on ESCD Annual Meeting and accurate list of ESCD Study Clubs, activities, board and certified members.

Esthetic Moments
20 Jul: ESCD Annual Meeting shifts online, join us!

Even in this difficult time we are facing, ESCD is reinventing itself by organizing one of the most complex digital congress made so far and offering to the participants: 2 days running live sessions on 2 main podiums, Q&A session, live moderators, live interviews with speakers and people from the industry and last but not least a 3D exhibition with direct access with the companies.

ESCD Dental Tribune interview
11 May: ESCD urges: It’s time to reopen dental clinics!

The #ESCD has been documenting the impact that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has had on dentistry, and Dr Lazarescu, President of ESCD in his interview for Dental Tribune says that dentists have an ethical obligation to resume treating their patients, as well as a personal obligation to keep their dental practices afloat.

12 Apr: Letter from the President

During its existence, #ESCD succeeded because of one and very important reason: we are a family-like society. I am proud to say that we can find this feeling whenever or wherever we go. Now is a moment when I assure you, as President, that the ESCD family is here for you.