MAURO BAZZOLI, Country Chairperson Italy

I’m a sixty years old dentist passionate in esthetic dentistry … as a secondary passion I like to ride the bike and in the wintertime to ski. I also like taking trips but lately my traveling is more linked to dentistry rather than with holidays also because recently I bought a little house by the sea in one of the most beautiful place in the word Sardinia Island, so I prefer to spend my holiday time there.
And you?


Our clinical experience with BOPT (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique) has shown that it is possible to influence the soft tissue response through prosthetic techniques. So we tried to use the BOPT also in situations that commonly are considered untractable outside a muco-gingival surgical therapy.

Faced with the demand of aesthetic improvement of a lateral upper incisor with a Stillmann fissure, before understanding the potential of the BOPT approach, we would certainly have adopted a surgical approach. Today, however, we decide to treat the case in an alternative way by an intrasulcular feather edge BOPT preparation and the insertion of a temporary crown with an appropriate profile, followed by a time to observe the gingival response.

After 8 weeks we observed the almost complete closure of the Stillmann fissure and we decided to give more time to the healing process. After 12 weeks the tissue situation shows further improvement, as it is clearly confirmed, although it cannot have a scientific value, observing the lines that link the gingival levels.

The comparison of the gingiva before and after the treatment seems to give evidence of a “restitutio ad integrum “ and at 3 weeks after cementation of the final lithium disilicate crown the result appears satisfactory. The recalls at 1 and 3 years show the stability of the result achieved exclusively by a prosthetic BOPT approach.

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